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What bonds Erin Simon and Michelle Wolff is their passion for all things authentic and unconventional. They value personal freedom and expression, frank discussions about sexual health, and the pursuit of pleasure.

Erin, a former TV and feature film executive/writer/producer has been engaged in the lifelong search for the perfect lotions, potions and serums for her beauty and wellness needs. She’s always had the drive to open new dialogues around body and sex positivity, becoming a certified Intimate Health Advisor to more fully educate herself about sexual wellness. And as a dedicated cannevangelist, Erin is obsessed with developing and providing state-of-the-art CBD formulas to help increase pleasure and relieve pain.

Michelle is an innate healer and a natural competitor. Not only is she a certified fitness trainer and a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, she is a gifted body-worker whose clientele includes a long list of celebrities and professional athletes. Her passion for healing the body and achieving optimal wellness has kept her ever on the hunt for the newest, most effective modalities in healing and rejuvenation.