5 Misconceptions About CBD

Misconception #1: CBD is illegal.

NOPE. NEGATIVE. NON. NYET. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, changed the definition of marijuana to exclude “hemp” – plant material that contains 0.3 percent or less THC. So... CBD is not considered a controlled substance, and a DEA registration is not required to grow or research it. So…. Fully. Legal. HOORAY!

Misconception #2: CBD makes you high/will result in failed drug tests.

NO WAY. CBD is not psychotropic and does not contain THC (the compound that makes you high). In fact, CBD was first isolated in 1963, a year before THC. Isolate CBD contains 0% THC and will not cause a failed drug test. So... what did we learn? Will NEVER get you high. You’ll get an A+ on your drug test! 

Misconception #3: CBD has to be smoked.

UH UH. NOPE. There are lots of ways to use CBD! We prefer topical use because it is the quickest and most targeted method of delivering healing where you need it most - and doesn’t involve systemic metabolic processing to get to work.

Misconception #4: CBD is only for sick people.

  1. NO. NO. You don’t need a prescription for CBD,, although discussion with a health care professional before use is a great idea. While CBD has medical studies backing its use in treating many diseases, I find it’s especially good for treating insomnia and stress. Truth: CBD is useful for everyone: as a special wellness treat for some... important medication for others.

Misconception #5: CBD takes a long time to work.

Welll…. MAYBE? Depends on the CBD method! That’s why we like a soak, a topical lube, a cream, a balm, a lotion, etc. Gets to work lickety split and can be used directly in trouble spots (or all over the body for a feel better boost). Faster than a speeding bullet!

The more you know, the better you can feel. And now you know!

Xx Simon Wolff